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Alex Twin – Woomoon – Kamai Music

Alex Twin is back on Kamai Music with three stunning organic house tracks.

Jacob Groening’s record label Kamai Music has been on a roll of late, and its latest release continues to dazzle. The music comes from Alex Twin, who recently dropped a celebrative release on the label that was made in partnership with Paul Svenson.

Alex Twin’s new release features three solo tracks that range between indie dance and organic house. All three of the tracks have an immersive sound that blends heart-warming melodies with the invigorating energy of fluid drum patterns and deep-seated basslines.

This is the second time he has been featured on Kamai Music, his catalog also includes record labels such as Bar 25 Music, Pipe & Pochet, and All Day I Dream.

‘Woomoon’ is the release’s title track and it opens the EP with piano chords, shuffling percussion, and a stabbing synth line that creates tension as it unfolds with building momentum.

Second on the release is, ‘Along With You’ and it’s a track with Balearic vibes from a sun-drenched trumpet that is layered alongside the tranquillity of sweeping pads to create a laid-back grove.

‘It’s Never Too Late’ ends the release with its pulsating bassline and atmospheric guitar chords that create a warm and trippy sound that is carried forward by the flowing rhythms of the drums.

It is another outstanding release from Kamai Music that is already receiving DJ support from influential names such as Unders, Robbie Akbal, Armen Miran, and WhoMadeWho.

Alex Twin’s ‘Woomoon’ EP is out now via Kamai Music. Purchase your copy here.

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