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Butch: “My playing style is totally influenced by how Leonard Bernstein conducted”

Over 100 releases in 5 years have enabled Butch to express this versatility and brute-fully force his way to becoming a shaping artist in the worldwide landscape of electronic music. Ahead of his July 22nd performance at Love Family Park we were quite lucky to sit down with him as ask him some questions.

Electronic Groove: Thanks for your time Butch. We will try to keep it short and interesting… So we guess that everyone at some point realizes the energy of music. What was the moment when you discovered music and realized its magical powers?

Butch: I have a turntablizm background and was deep into scratches, beat-juggles, that whole thing. That was before I ever went clubbing, as a 13-14 year-old. Then I noticed: girls don’t dance to good scratches, haha! When I got older and played my HipHop sets in clubs I’d notice the energy shift, when a good electronic DJ started to play. And I wanted to do that, to orchestrate and produce that trance-inducing flow, this whole possibility of loosing myself in the music together with other people.

Electronic Groove: We’ve read that your brother was a strong influence in you at discovering techno or dance music in general. Are you still influence by him or your are now the one with those duties?

Butch: Haha, no, he has no clue what is going on nowadays. He just spends most of his time working or hanging out with his family. We live close to each other and see each other regularly. I guess he’ll take the day off to come to the Love Family Park though and so we can spend some quality bro-time together, haha!

Love Family Park

Electronic Groove: What is you opinion on the evolution of the dance scene and how it tipped into the mainstream as EDM? Do you think is this good for the industry as well as the listeners?

Butch: Good and bad. Basically, our music has access to a larger audience. Of course many people might be drawn to our music for motives I don’t share, but every artist wants to attract the right audience for themselves and a larger audience increases the chances of the right people finding you. So basically I can’t change it, so I’m all for it.

Electronic Groove: You will be playing in some big festivals in the coming months. What is more enjoyable: a 2 hours festival set or 4 hours at a small venue?

Butch: I need both!

Electronic Groove: Who has been your biggest influencers in your music production and playing style?


Butch: My playing style is totally influenced by how Leonard Bernstein conducted, with a little bit of Grandmaster Flash sprinkled in. When it comes to producing music the only real inspiration can ever be Quincy Jones.

Electronic Groove: Your production catalog is as impressive as extensive. What are your favourite tunes from it?

Butch: I don’t like the question, but fuck it, from the top of my head I’ll say “From Above”. Check it out! Love that tune.

Electronic Groove: You’ve release tracks on many labels. Does producing for different genres become a challenge?

Butch: Sticking to one genre would be the real challenge for me. I love all kinds of music, I need the range to stay sane. Otherwise I’d get bored. But even if I switch genres, I’m always doing the same thing: I make dope ass music!

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