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Circoloco Halloween Weekender

Circoloco Halloween Weekender

Even though I was a little skeptical after hearing some negative feedback about last year’s production, I was still looking forward to checking out this year’s Circoloco NYC: Halloween Weekender. The event, promoted by Teksupport, featured a safely played lineup that brought some of the brand’s most frequented stars. Yet this was still CIRCOLOCO, of course it was promising.

After a short pre-game with my crew we headed down to Depot 52 well into Brooklyn, the same warehouse where the event was hosted last year. The entrance was quick and smooth managed by a friendly staff. As soon as we walked in we headed straight to one of the two huge bars, where getting a drink was manageable even for the impatients, surrounded by some people dressed up in Halloween costumes.

The two-day bash is somewhat of a weekend (and maybe even post weekend) commitment since the event runs from 10 pm to 8 am on both nights and the energy is at peak level throughout.

The Martinez Brothers were the highlight for me on Friday night as they conducted a refreshing set showing their typical enthusiasm and charisma while being surrounded by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell in the booth. Loco Dice kept the momentum going until the end and people left wanting more.

Saturday night was even better and although many were left waiting for David Squillace, who couldn’t make it due to passport issues, Matthias Tanzmann delivered an impeccable set, as he usually does, that extended into Squillace’s slot. Seth Troxler started out his set with a banging, loud techno set that was almost difficult to enjoy but then changed gears when the birthday boy, Jamie Jones, jumped on to play back-to-back with him.

While the production was nothing magnificent, the signature Circoloco vibe was definitely present with a well ran lights show and the classic neon signs around the warehouse. After all, this was Halloween weekend in New York and the music led the way. Under those circumstances there’s little chance for going wrong.

Pictures by @aLIVECoverage

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