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Decoding Music At Toronto’s Hippest Venues

Decoding Music at Toronto’s Hippest Venues

My musical May Canadian long weekend journey began with Ben UFO and Four Tet at CODA, Toronto on May 21st. Coda is a playground for underground music enthusiasts, with a sound system that boasts as one of the best our city’s club scene has to offer. Anyone who has ever attended an event at this club would attest to hearing music as it was intended by the composer or producer, with an intensity, depth, and clarity that modern acoustic technology was and is meant to be heard and experienced. Stefan Philion and Joel Smye continue to throw some of the best parties the city has ever experienced! Any underground music connoisseur would be amiss, if they didn’t frequent this amazing venue whilst visiting Toronto.

I had wanted to see Ben UFO (Ben Thompson) and Four Tet (Keiran Hebden) for quite some time, and after missing them at Further Future, I was determined to experience them at CODA. It is very rare that I see an artist, without first doing my homework to learn about them on both a personal and professional level, for me, this makes the whole “live” experience all the more mind blowing and soul elevating. Both these artists possess incredibly multitudinous and diversified background stories when it comes to their musical journey. From Ben’s ability to successfully present unfamiliar, experimental dance music to a myriad of audiences worldwide (“Ben UFO.” Resident Advisor. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 June 2016.), to Kieran’s connection to having remixed artists like Bloc Party, Beth Orton, and Radiohead! (“Four Tet.” Resident Advisor. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 June 2016.), any underground music devotee would be drawn to witnessing their talents in person.

The vibe is always on point at CODA, the crowd consistently and effortlessly emits an energy that flawlessly sets the pace for the whole night, or any given night, for that matter.

It was nearing the end of the night when Four Tet unabashedly drops Eric Prydz’s Opus, the crowd lost all control, proving as always, that it doesn’t matter the venue, or the genre, what ultimately matters most, is that music moves the soul, and connects us ALL!

Fast forward to June 3, when I came to learn that Frankey & Sandrino would be in town, I knew that my summer festivities were off to a magnificent start in the Tdot. I also knew that I had to make my way down to Parlour once again! Parlour is a quaint lounge, yet deep, dark and delicious venue nestled in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. Dare I say it is probably one of the most intimate venues I have frequented, to date. It (Parlour) is an oasis within the sturm und drang created by the packs of young clubbers who frequent the neighbourhood’s dance floors, says Brian Towie of and I couldn’t agree with him more! I couldn’t wait to see these two Berlin natives perform their Innervisions debut EP, “Acamar”!

I was granted an “all access pass” to the lounge, by the wonderful staff when I mentioned my evening’s intent was to write about the musical duo. From this point on, the night flowed like sequential musical ebbs. It wasn’t difficult to make my way over to both artists, to get up close to watch them both mix magic, in a small corner in the club, what modestly was seen to be the dj booth. For me, this was the way I appreciate seeing an artist perform, up close and personal, no walls, no security, just music and the enthusiast…that being ME.

Sandrino Tittel and Frank Beckers are both probably two of the friendliest artists I have ever seen perform or have met! Frankey had no problem dialoguing with me about his evening, and was open to any questions I had about his musical career and his night in general. I felt a comfortable ease that was refreshing, my “fan-itis’ was quelled to perfection.

As with all good things, the night came to a smooth and satisfying summation. Music connections were made, and another impeccable ending to my work week was accomplished through music. Life is good!!!

By Lula Gravel


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