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Contact Information
Carretera Sant Joan KM15, 07840, Ibiza
+34 971 338 838

Situated in the heart of the island of Ibiza and built on an orange farm,  Atzaró is an oasis ripe with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender. A place that smells deeply of the Mediterranean sea and that offers every experience necessary to enjoy the island in all its moments, a chance to enjoy a different kind of place in nature.

Come and contemplate our ibithencan architecture, our whitewashed walls, the wonderful white and red and green hues of the ibithencan countryside. Surrounded by the artifacts that serve to create a unique atmosphere. Lose yourself in the immense and extravagant gardens, relaxation areas and hidden corners. Taste our wonderful gastronomic cuisine, breathe freely the pure air, rest in one of the many day beds scattered through the gardens. Just some of the experiences that await you, in serendipitous luxury, to help you get the utmost out of your Mediterranean journey.

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