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Epizode Festival 2017

Epizode Festival 2017

In the ever more competitive festival market, location can really set you apart from the rest. In that regard, Epizode Festival is way out in from of much of the competition. Playing out at the start of the year in January, it is a great way to sink those new year blues and forget the cold dark winters back home as it all takes place on the picturesque island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

This is a first ever edition for Epizode Festival and it last an impressive two weeks, from 31st December until 14th January, and is made up of three stages that run alongside each other with each one featuring twenty-one hours worth of programmed entertainment for its punters each day. That crowd is largely made up of Russians given that the festival is owned and ru nay Russians, but there was also a healthy contingent of clubbers from across Europe and the rest of the world.

Soon as we arrive the setting comes into its own, with breathtaking pink skies and dramatic sunsets over the sea really making their mark. It was the same most evenings, side from a little bit of rain, and every day was baking hot. DJs who got to play during sundown really made the most of it, with the likes of Sammy Dee offering a wild cross genre selection! The crowd lapped up every tune and really added to the vibes.

Each of the stages is brilliantly designed and conceived, such as the one on the beach, which at one point saw hundreds of balloons released by clubbers into the sky. There were also lots of great location costumes, aper skirts. colourful explosions of paint and fancy dancers all adding to the cosmo vibe of the festival.

Another stage was made out of huge mikado style sticks and looked like a complex birds nest. It was the site of many great sets through the two weeks including the likes of Le Loup, Lee van Dowski, Claptone, Anthea, Sammy Dee and much more. All in all then, this festival is one of the most beautiful one the world with a tech house heavy line-up to match.

Epizode Festival returns to Vietnam in January 2018.

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