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Explore KAPP’s blend of electro and brazilian funk in ‘Full Spectrum’

Now available via Bunker194 Records.

DJ and producer KAPP has released his newest single, ‘Full Spectrum’, through his own label, Bunker194 Records. ‘Full Spectrum’ takes listeners on a personal exploration of self-discovery, merging electro, breakbeat, and Brazilian funk elements.

The track is a sonic dialogue with reality, encouraging listeners to face all facets of life, including hidden traumas. On the musical front, it’s a rhythmic wonder with KAPP’s fervent vocals steering a harmonious melody amplified by dynamic synthesizers and bass.

KAPP is known for his keen observation and creative empathy. His musical creations meld influences to weave a narrative that transcends technique to embody style, culture, and shared experiences.

Listen to ‘Full Spectrum’ below and get your copy here.

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