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Extrawelt Warm Up The Steelyard

Extrawelt Warm Up The Steelyard

After the prolific success of their summer season outdoor parties which saw some 1500 revelers take monthly to London’s wilds, it’s time for the Warm Up boys to venture back into clubland, as they bring a dose of German underground to The Steelyard this weekend.

In terms of bookings, this is one of founder Aidan Doherty’s keenest to date and a night we have been waiting for since the inimitable Extrawelt were billed to play alongside Sebastien Leger earlier this year.

Extrawelt occupy a certain niche because in a saturated market they still manage to achieve something fairly unique. From the success of era-defining tracks like ‘Soopertrack’, Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe impart an intelligent, nuanced quality to their production that breathes fresh life into that increasingly marginalized, outmoded genre: Trance. In doing so they flip the archetypical ‘style’ (or lack thereof if you want my opinion ) onto its own repetitive head and pull it firmly into a current genre-defying, live techno, melodica and electronica sphere.

This consistent ability to bring the house down with these peculiarly idiosyncratic, acid-heavy vibes, along with the bouncy crowds that invariably follow, are the main reasons we’ve been falling over ourselves to catch them on one of their rare London dates this year.

The event is also the official London leg of the Extrawelt ‘Fear of An Extra Planet’ album tour, a long-awaited third part of their trilogy on Cocoon Recordings. Expect doubled-up kick bursts, acid-heavy basslines, distorted vocals and dramatic synth lines in this, their latest audio-cinematic pursuit.

Joining them on the decks will be Sebastien Leger and of course, the talent driving the almost cult-like popularity that is the Warm Up bandwagon: founder Aidan Doherty and Portuguese wingman, Jorge Martins.

You can check out their brilliant Collective Series, a tripartite mix series from Warm Up produced for EG last year.

For more info and details about the event click here.

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