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Fabric Brings A Family-friendly Event

Fabric brings a family-friendly event

Expect nice surprises for all attendees.

Fabric has announced they are preparing a special event in collaboration with Big Fish Little Fish, a company that promotes family-friendly events since 2013.

The 2-hour event celebrates their 5th anniversary with venue residents Terry Francis and WetYourSelf’s Jacob Husley.

“Bringing Big Fish Little Fish to fabric is a dream come true. Fabric has been such an inspiration and home to so many brilliant memories for thousands of clubbers, myself included. It will be an honor and a privilege to rave with our families on its dancefloors”, Hannah Saunders commented

The club will be filled with confetti, balloons, and bubbles as well as a large mural and different “snacks” created by Baker Chef. The party will start at 2 in the afternoon, ending at 4:30. According to the organization, the party is designed for children from 0 to 8 years old, although there is no problem in receiving children a little older than that age.

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