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Fabrizio Zerlini Shares 10 Tracks That Inspired Shifting Tones

Fabrizio Zerlini shares 10 tracks that inspired Shifting Tones

Shifting Tones has recently debuted in Miami with an event that boasted 10+ hours of house music by the hands of its residents and Roy Davis Jr.

As they gear up for their second edition that will take place on August 23rd featuring Ron Trent, one of the architects of the Chicago House music scene; Fabrizio Zerlini who is an integral part of the collective shared with us a list of cuts that inspired the conception of Shifting Tones.

1. Anthony Naples – Mad Direspect

“Mad respect for this. The melodies, percussion and vocals are absolutely beautiful alongside some vintage elements combined with some warm distortion. Truly unique house music that fits any moment in a set”

2. Larry Heard – Missing You

“What else can you say about something that was released in 1999 and still sounds current today? This is one of the biggest house music releases ever. It has a soft mood and open-air feel that sounds very nostalgic along with a beautiful ‘missing you’ vocal. If you don’t like this track you should get yourself checked by a mental health professional”

3. Demarkus Lewis, Sebb Junior – I Can Feel It (Sebb Junior Remix)

“When Detroit techno meets deep house, this is the result. While soulful and emotional, this is a thumping, bassline driven banger that never fails to get the dancefloor going”

4. Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda

“Although this is technically deep house, this work stands out from the pack due to the incredible live instrumentation coupled with heavy disco and funk influences all over it, giving it a nice organic feel. The progression is also very atypical since things get really intense almost at the end. A masterpiece”

5. Moodyman – Tribute!(To The Soul We Lost)

“This track is sampled after Marvin Gay’s and it is a tribute to him, but to me this has become a tribute to house music. There is nothing really complex about Moodyman’s music and most of it is quite simply made. The atmosphere and the beautiful synths are always there and are the equivalent to organic food for the soul.”

6. Kerri Chandler – The Intro (Rocco Love Reddit)

“Deep, blissful, soulful, spiritual, hypnotic – I could write adjectives all day long to describe this track. Outstanding work by Kerri and Rocco”

7. Shinichiro Yokota – Do it Again

“It is difficult to come up with something really fresh and unique when it comes to a genre that has been around for almost 30 years. This could only happen by the hands of Japanese house music genius Shinichiro Yokota through the influences of living in the opposite side of the work from where the genre was created. Besides the 8 bit vibes this song features a warm and mellow feeling alongside a beautiful deep piano. Brilliant”

8. Royal T  – Clouds

“This chord heavy and beautifully written banger perfectly summarizes the feeling you get when you listen to incredible house music: ‘I just want to roll with my head in the clouds'”

9. Detroit Swindle – The Break Up

“Detroit Swindle takes vocal sampled breakdowns to the next level every time. Beautiful uplifting chords are also their signature sound. They claim to be a Detroit Swindle but to me they are the real thing”

10. Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle

“Delightful cutting edge techno from up and coming Pearson Sound. His work is unique in so many ways. The piano sample in this track is otherworldly. This is one to close your eyes and give yourself away into the music”

Shifting Tones will be inviting Chicago House icon Roy Trent to Miami’s Fusse’ Studios on August 23rd. Find your tickets here.  

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