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INVŌKER: “What’s Important Is The Journey, Never Forget That And Enjoy Every Step On The Way”

INVŌKER: “What’s important is the journey, never forget that and enjoy every step on the way”

INVŌKER is a rising deep house and techno music producer and performer from Paris, France. In December 2018, he gained a massive online audience by releasing his debut tracks ‘Nami’ and ‘Plenil’. His recent releases and unreleased tracks have caught the attention of heavyweight DJs in the scene: Âme, Dixon, Laurent Garnier, Adriatique, Trikk, Moscoman, Axel Boman, Marvin and Guy, Fideles and Kevin de Vries, to name a few.

We had the chance to conversate with INVŌKER about his current musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi INVŌKER, thanks for chatting with us today. Where are you now and what you are up to?

INVŌKER: Hey Electronic Groove, thanks for the invitation. Right now, I am in my studio in Paris where I’m finishing some tracks, getting ready for the weekend where I will be playing out.

EG: What are your first memories related to electronic music? Can you mention some of your musical influences?

INVŌKER: I actually remember my very first memory when I was 3 or 4 years old, and my father put me in front of a speaker while a Jean-Michel Jarre vinyl was playing. This was my very first experience with electronic music, and I think this was a defining moment that shaped who I am today. In my teenager years, I grew up listening to the Global Underground compilations, this also had a big influence on the music I do today. 

EG: How would you define your sound?

INVŌKER: I try really hard to do music that people can dance to on a night out, and that are in the right format for DJs to play, but also that they can listen to when they are chilling, driving, having dinner with friends… My music and my influences evolve but I always try to get these two elements in my work. Other than that, if we are talking genres, I do something that is in between house and techno.

EG: You just released ‘Churches’. How was the production process?

INVŌKER: Every track has a different story and production process. For some tracks, I can get them finished in a couple of hours. For this one, it wasn’t easy. I started working on it a year ago and couldn’t seem to find the finishing touches to complete it. After a while, I decided to come back to this project and finally found everything it was missing. But in the end, these are the projects that matter the most to me, because they have a story to tell.

EG: Would you like to share anything in particular with our listeners?

INVŌKER: My track ‘Churches’ is out on Jeune Records, a label that I contributed to creating and that is only a couple of months old now. You should check it out, there are some cool releases coming out soon!

EG: Any other release planned in the coming months?

INVŌKER: Yes! I have an EP coming out on Frankey and Sandrino’s label, Sum Over Histories. I have been following them for a while now, and I look up to these guys, so I am very happy to be involved in this project. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it, it will be released after this summer. I also have a couple of releases coming out on Jeune Records, you will hear more about this soon.

EG: Summer is just around the corner. What are your plans for the season?

INVŌKER: I have a pretty busy gigs schedule and working in the studio on my upcoming projects. Not sure I will be able to take some time off this year!

EG: What are your main musical objectives to achieve this year?

INVŌKER: My main objective is to move forward with my projects and my passion. What’s important is the journey, never forget that and enjoy every step on the way.

EG: Could you let us delve a little deeper into the world of INVOKER, what’s been bringing joy to your world of late? Not specifically music-related maybe a place you’ve been, a show you’ve seen, a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched?

INVŌKER: Other than music I really love movies, and the way movie directors work to blend moving images with a musical ambiance to create an atmosphere. I really enjoy the movies! But for the sake of music related stuff, here are three sci-fi soundtracks that have an electronic feel to them and that you need to hear: Blade Runner, Terminator 1, and Interstellar. You have to listen to ‘Mountains’, from the Interstellar soundtrack, such a great song! I hope one day I’m able to produce a movie soundtrack too!

INVŌKER’s ‘Churches’ is already available. Stream and buy here

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