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Inversion Audio, A Solution For Mastering, Editing And Post Production

Inversion Audio, a solution for mastering, editing and post production

Inversion Audio offers audio mastering, video editing and post-production services for musicians, DJs and A/V producers who want to take their work to a commercial level.

The company use the latest hardware and software, with the possibility of hiring an independent audio engineer for mixing, mastering and video editing, so the resulting works are completely professional and ready for release. A consulting service is also available for all the finest audio products, to keep you up to date with the best and newest programs and plug-ins out there. Finally, they offer access to a talent pool for post-production services for TV commercials, films, video games, websites, among others.

Inversion’s audio services include DJ mixes at full range frequency and maximum volume range, ensuring a clean and clear sound, suitable for online streaming, AM/FM radio, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and other similar platforms. Audio mastering is also available for tracks from many different genres, like house, techno, trance, hip-hop and other types of dance music like rock, pop and heavy metal, making your music ready to be played, streamed and downloaded from I Tunes, Beatport, Traxsource and other digital shops. They also offer vinyl mastering, making it possible for you to put your tunes on wax. Danko, their in-house engineer and DJ, has ample experience behind the decks and behind the mixing console as well, with a deep knowledge of production tools such as Cubase, Logic, Live and Pro-Tools, to help you bring your productions to their full potential.

In terms of video, they offer services like post-production, sound mixing, color grading and video editing for streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and also for TV commercials, music videos, and films. So, whether you are an independent filmmaker or are working with the major studios, or if you make commercials or music videos, or any kind of A/V content in general, they can be your ally in the creative process and help you produce your best work.

Visit their website to know more about their fees, get more details on services and contact them directly for any questions or remarks.

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