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Jeff Mills Presents His ‘Weapons’ Project At The Montecarlo Art Fair

Jeff Mills presents his ‘Weapons’ project at the Montecarlo Art Fair

Exposing Mill’s iconic related items.

The third edition of the Montecarlo Art Fair will have the participation of Jeff Mills with his techno art exhibition named ‘Weapons’. The exhibit, that will be on April 28 and 29, is “a collection of artifacts and art extracted from his conceptual and live performance projects”, that focus on the “psychological protection”, “transmissions” and “perceptions” of techno music.

“Music has always been used as a weapon. In the mid-1980’s a form of dance music, known as techno emerged as the need to stand up and speak out intensified, technology became cheaper more accessible to the average person, giving them the ability to construct a new type of art form and industry from mixing ideas and visions – a genre that is based on like-mindedness and shared perceptions about the world and the degree in which it spins.Jeff Mills explained.

This is the second time he presents this exhibition following 2015 one in Tokio. Some of the items included are ‘The Visitor’, as seen in the picture below, and the ‘Tomorrow + X’ installation.

For more info about the exhibition, click here.

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