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Joakim returns to his proto-electronic roots on new album ‘Second Nature’

The record will feature 16 new tracks.

‘Second Nature’ is the title that veteran French producer Joakim has decided to give to his new album, a work that will be released on August 27th through his Tiger Sushi label and which he announced today, coinciding with Earth Day.

Made up of sixteen tracks, ‘Second Nature’ is inspired by the works of Philippe Descola (French anthropologist author of ‘Beyond Nature & Culture’), and Emanuele Coccia (author of ‘The Life Of Plants’) who has also written a text about the project. Musically, it represents a return for Joakim to the roots of his electronic music, mixing passages of proto-electronic, ambient, classical piano, and even the psychedelia of Coil’s 90s records. To compose it, the Frenchman has used dozens of field recordings made in different parts of the world that collect natural phenomena ranging from electromagnetic storms to the sounds of the Brazilian jungle or the sub-frequencies caused by earthquakes.

‘This new album tries to give back a voice to nature, to re-establish a continuity between human and nature, beyond the classic western opposition of nature against culture, it is about re-enchanting our world. By using field recordings from around the world and beyond as a starting point for each track on this album, my goal was to re-establish a dialogue, question our way of thinking and listening, and blur the lines between the natural and the artificial. As a consequence, this album also addresses indirectly environmental and socioeconomic issues such as colonialism, capitalism, industrialism that intersect with our distancing from nature, which ultimately leads to the crisis of climate change and biodiversity that we now face’, explains Joakim himself in the press release.

In addition to these sounds, Joakim has surrounded himself with a large group of collaborators including Angel Bat Dawid and Isaiah Collier, experimental drummer Greg Fox (Waves Ahead), Yutie Lee (Formosan Rock), Will Epstein on sax (Owling Gorilla), and Ben Campbell on bass (Make It Slow).

The record will go on sale next August 27th, but the artist has already shared the first single ‘Indri Eyes’, and an official video for it.

Check out the video for Joakim’s ‘Indri Eyes’ below.



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