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Label Insight: Sunset Disco

Sunset Disco is a German/Brazilian house and nu-disco record label founded by Softmal and Avrupts in 2018. Recently, EG had the opportunity to speak with Sunset Disco team and discuss their latest release titled ‘London Express.’ The track features Softmal, LLølita, and Lucenamusic. Additionally, they shared some insights into their upcoming projects.

EG: Hello, Softmal! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? What have you been up to?

Sunset Disco: Hello, how are you? It’s a great pleasure for me and the Sunset Disco team to be able to take part in this interview.

EG: And Sunset Disco? How’s the label at the moment?

Sunset Disco: The label is in full swing, with a number of releases this year, from many different artists and lots of interesting new music.

EG: So, how did Sunset Disco come together? Was the idea of Sunset Disco always there?

Sunset Disco: Sunset Disco was born out of a passion for house music, especially for sounds that were reminiscent of good times, happy and relaxed.

EG: Your latest release is ‘London Express’, a new collaboration with Lucenamusic and LLølita…what has the initial reception been like? Do you remember the first time you played this one live? What can your fans expect to find on this one?

Sunset Disco: This is a song that is very Nu Disco and Disco House. It reminds us of the European summer, with sharp vocals and a really positive energy. We’ve had great feedback from renowned artists in the scene.

“Sunset Disco was born out of a passion for house music”

EG: In which ways would you say “London Express”, represents the sound of Sunset Disco?

Sunset Disco: Precisely because it contains classic elements of nu-disco, disco house, and house music, which is precisely what the label produces the most and has been recognized as a top 1 label in the hype house music ranking worldwide.

EG: How do you go about selecting music for the label? Is it just about the music, or do you guys consider the artist behind the piece as well? Is it hard to make it just about the music when the industry pushes us to look at numbers as well?

Sunset Disco: We believe in the quality and simplicity of good music, which is the basis of the thinking of our partners Softmal, Lucenamusic, and Llolita. Artists interested in this philosophy are something that counts for a lot and we take them into consideration, especially in times when we have a lot of prefabricated and similar music that lacks creativity.

EG: How hard is it to grow while balancing the financial aspects of running a label and also trying to stay true to that initial artistic motivation that led to its foundation? How would you say that Sunset Disco has evolved since its conception?

Sunset Disco: Passion for music is a great guide. We believe in that because is our conceptual foundation, the rest comes with time. Since its launch, there has been a great deal of maturing and in the curation of releases, today we value the quality and individuality of each sound.

EG: In your opinion, what does the future look like for labels in the next few years? Will music still be the main commodity?

Sunset Disco: There has been a big change in the music market, increasingly with shorter and more impoverished songs. We’ve felt this change in consumption among some audiences, but our job since Sunset Disco was founded has been to provide good, timeless music, and our audience is loyal to that. As for the question of music not being the main product, we think it’s difficult for that to happen, people still value good music.

“We believe in the quality and simplicity of good music”

EG: What would be the best bit of advice you’d give to someone looking to start their own label nowadays? What are some of the “obstacles” or difficulties you found along the way and how did you overcome them?

Sunset Disco: We’d say to stick to what you believe in, if music moves you, go ahead and fight to achieve your goal, persistence in the face of adversity is what makes the difference. We don’t always manage to score a big hit or achieve the desired goal with a particular track, but only we can trust our work and with time the recognition will come.

EG: What else can we expect from Sunset Disco in the future? What plans are in store for the brand this 2023?

Sunset Disco: We continue to release good music, varying the styles, but still within the electronic music scene. We’ve had new collaborators this year and great performers for our new releases, such as ‘Secret Smile’ in partnership with the great singer Caelu.

EG: Thank you so much for your time! We wish you and Sunset Disco all the best for the future!

Sunset Disco: We thank you for the opportunity to show you a little bit of our label and stay tuned for new releases to come.

‘London Express’ by Softmal, LLølita, and Lucenamusic is out via Sunset Disco. Download your copy here.
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