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New “Lost in a Moment” announced by Innervisions

Lost In A Moment is neither a festival, nor a party. It is certainly not a rave. Yet it does share one single integral element with all of these: music. The way in which music is staged at Lost In A Moment constitutes all of the difference though. True to Kerri Chandler’s house music formula of “a basement, a red light, and a feeling” it is an blend of simple ingredients: An outdoor location, a surround system, where together people dance alone.

In their continuous search for outdoor locations that has not been mapped by the electronic music community they just announced a new journey at the Osea Island, England.

After 2015’s debut show with Dixon, Amé and Marcus Worgull became one of the most talked-about events of the year, with tickets selling-out in just three seconds, the welcome return of Innervision‘s Lost In A Moment will offer a rare and truly unique experience, as leading lights of electronic music soundtrack an intimate party for just 500 people at one of the UK’s most exclusive locations.


Situated off the south-east coast of England, Osea is a stunning, private island, accessible by a road that only emerges from the sea twice per day at low-tide. Shrouded in mystery and veiled from the public eye, The Hydra are privileged to be the only promoters allowed to host a public event on the island.

Tickets for this year’s show go on sale on Tuesday 28th June, 2016 and will only be available to those who have pre-registered at

Lost in a Moment Osea Island

The event is organized by The Hydra. Founded by Electric Minds label boss and off-location event pioneer Dolan Bergin, programmer Ajay Jayaram (previously booker for The End and Cable) and operations manager Alex Beattie, forming a collective who’ve grown to be synonymous with the global electronic music scene.

Stay tuned for more info and your chance to be part of this amazing experience!

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