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Luca Saporito, ex-Audiofly, announces new label Super Sapiens

Launching on November 24th, 2023.

Photo credit:  Luca Saporito – Official

Luca Saporito, ex-member of the Audiofly duo, has announced he is launching his own record label, Super Sapiens, with Xinobi producing the first release entitled ‘Sugar Code,’  which includes a remix by Saporito himself.

Leading the way with the label’s first single is Xinobi, the Portuguese artist and co-founder of Discotexas. With an extensive discography across influential labels, he presents ‘Sugar Code’, a captivating deep house track that transcends boundaries. Delicate synths dance above melancholic chords, evoking bittersweet emotions that deeply resonate.

Luca Saporito takes ‘Sugar Code’ to new heights with his remix, introducing hypnotic beats and ethereal chords that create a mesmerizing enchantment. The drums take center stage, propelling the dance floor towards celestial realms.

Known for his underground sound and a 22-year journey with Audiofly, Luca Saporito’s venture into Super Sapiens marks an exciting new chapter in his career,  not only as a record label, but also as a well-established event series that has made waves across Ibiza’s Akasha and captivated audiences throughout Europe, North Africa, and the US. Serving as a powerful platform, Super Sapiens promotes emerging talents while collaborating with renowned artists.

Xinobi’s ‘Sugar Code’ is scheduled to be out on November 24th, 2023.

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