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MELT Festival 2024 reveals lineup for Autoscooter stage

Featuring Club Heart Broken, Teenage Dreams, Unplayed, Kettama, Lovefoxy, Horsegirl, DJ Heartstring, Marlon Hoffstadt, and more.

Photo credit: Alicia Creupelandt

MELT Festival, the annual music event held in the city of Iron Ferropolis, Germany, is scheduled to take place from July 11th to July 13th, 2024. With an exciting lineup just announced, this year’s festival promises to be a special experience for music enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of MELT Festival 2024 is the Autoscooter stage. Known for its diverse and carefully curated lineup, this stage showcases some of the most innovative local and global talents.

The Autoscooter Stage announcements for MELT Festival 2024 include an impressive lineup of artists and bands. Among them are Club Heart Broken, Teenage Dreams, Unplayed, Crush3d, Dangerous Dreaming, DCHM, DJ Heartstring, Evin, Ferrari Rot, Funk Tribu, Haaizey [b2b] Nana Tranquillo, Hello Sasy, HorsegirL, Kettama, Lovefoxy, Malugi, Marlon Hoffstadt, Maruwa, Seduction, Southstar, Surf2Glory, and special guests. Other artists included in the festival’s lineup are   DJ Koze, Bonobo, ANOTR,  James Blake,  Romy, Job Jobse, and more.

Speaking about the event, Florian Czok, the festival director, explains, “At MELT 2024, we will once again showcase the diversity of the musical and cultural zeitgeist. The festival will feature artists from various genres, styles, and cultural backgrounds, all coming together to perform for a gathering of curious and like-minded individuals.”

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