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Muting The Noise – Dixon X Ame Bring Their Innervisions To East London

Muting the Noise – Dixon X Ame bring their Innervisions to East London

In a location more suited to Gatsby than 3,000 ravers on the tail end of a big weekend, Innervisions brought their usual dose of unpredictable magic in a rare 10 hour back-to-back experimental showcase at East London’s theatre, Troxy.

Photos by Jake Davis / HungryVisuals

Much as I know I should tell you about about Innervisions co-founders, Âme (pronounced “AHM”), it’s their business partner, stalwart Techno composer and conceptualist, Dixon a.k.a. Steffan Berkhan who is, for me at least, one of the most interesting, nuanced and avant-garde producers of his kind. Dixon’s sets are a master class in abstract experimentalism: Heady, sonic wet dreams delivering quality to set your watch to.


This collaboration with London’s heavyweight club label, The Hydra didn’t disappoint. It had all the hard edged, melodic verve that Innervisions is synonymous with, but music was deliberately pulled slightly off centre stage and attention honed to a scale way beyond sound.

Expensive, opulent lighting took the set to immersive theatre proportions and listeners got gradually drenched in clever waves of lighting and visual effect. This was paired with a subtly-paced and beautifully curated, narrative set. New sound got introduced just when it seemed vital, with gorgeous heady cross rhythms and tribal, psychedelic, digital influences, set sliding across synths and a pulsing, steady beat. It was Baz Luhrmann meets Bladerunner: A road trip for the ears and eyes.


Lush vibes none withstanding, (The Hydra pulls, for London, a refreshingly amiable, music-focused crowd ) it’s Troxy that set that tone. It’s a sumptuous venue, all faded 1920’s splendour, it has an air of bygone glamour that’s more Broadway than Berghain. From the balcony you could chill in the aisles or commit unspeakable blasphemy at a techno gig ( we did, we’re sorry, see below) and sit at cosy tables, a glass of fizz in hand with a heady pan-optic view of the innervisions beneath. Ten hours is, after all, a long time to satisfy the demands of the expectant music geek, let alone the gleeful bunch who’d committed to the cause by friday night.

The Hydra is set to bring Dixon back to London for an all night session at the Ministry of Sound on Sunday 26th, March 2017, where you can no doubt expect something special from the nightclub’s state-of-the-art sound and light design. This does however, seem a curious choice for the esoteric DJ who typically shies away from publicity and the mainstream.

Based on this recent production at Troxy, part of an aggressive tour schedule, their Radio 1 Mix for Pete Tong, and the re-opening of Innervisions‘ concept store, Muting The Noise in Berlin, Dixon x Âme seem poised to cash in on their celebrity and who can blame them? As an artist in todays climate you may be rich but you aren’t really wealthy, until you have as they do, something money cannot buy.


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