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Noé Solange shares a glimpse of her upcoming EP with ‘Wilting’

Her last EP was ‘Bloom’ released in 2020.

Photo Credit: Noé Solange – Official

London-based artist Noé Solange has recently released her latest single ‘Wilting’, following the success of her previous single ‘Bloom’.

In ‘Wilting’, Noé takes a more minimalist approach to complement her lush vocal delivery. The introspective and moody narrative explores the metaphor of wilting, representing moments of feeling low and stagnant.

Reflecting on the new single, Noé shares, “The idea of wilting feels like a beautiful metaphor for those more complex, difficult emotions. But it also carries a hopeful reminder that, just like in nature, this phase can stand as a unique chapter in our journey of healing before blossoming into a new version of ourselves.”

Noé’s smooth tone effortlessly blends with dreamy synths, lively bleeps, and an ambient symphony of sounds. The track captures the interaction between nature and nurture, creating a captivating sonic experience. ‘Wilting’ offers a glimpse of what’s to come on the artist’s upcoming EP, which promises more exploratory sonic soliloquies and enchanting instrumental compositions.

Listen to ‘Wilting’ below and download your copy here.

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