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Parties 4 Peace embarks on their 9th Patagonica Tour

Parties4Peace, the well known non-profit event production and fundraising organization, is embarking on their Patagonica Vol 9 Dj Tour to raise awareness about the joint campaign to declare Patagonia a World Heritage site with the NGO’s Peace Boat and CODEFF (National Committee to Protect the Flora and Fauna of Chile). 

For this years edition they have invited Bespoke Musik’s Christian Voldstad who made some comments about the project: “I’m really excited to travel around South America but also to be helping with some of the business and marketing for both the Music & Art Peace Academy and Peace Boat. To be able to give back and participate beyond just playing music is very important to me, and I’m looking forward to doing my part. Also I want to blow the ships horn”

Christian acquired his love of electronic while growing up in the UK. It wasn’t until he moved to New York, however, that he would find the sound that captured his attention and inspired him to step behind the decks himself. Since then, Christian has become a staple of the underground scene. His sophisticated taste in music earned him a residency for Bespoke Musik where he continues to explore his love of vinyl records, piano melodies and funky basslines.

He coninued to add: I want to share some very beautiful music I’ve been collecting recently, I think it will really put a smile on people’s faces and move people around the dancefloor. That’s all I can ask and hope for.”

Together with renowned Chilean producer Pier Bucci and Vale Colvin, one of the most talented female DJs from the region, they will travel throughout South America to exchange music and culture amongst various artists in the region. Inviting artists to experience the pristine nature of Patagonia helps to raise awareness about the current climate challenges of the region and the necessity to protect the glaciers, rivers and mountains.

To learn more and get involved with the project and Parties 4 Peace initiatives click here.

To learn more about Parties 4 Peace read our interview with founder Emilie McGlone here.

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