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Ensuring your content and information is consistent across a myriad of social networks can be a daunting, but highly important task. A consistent message is the best way to establish your brand, artist or event’s ‘voice’ or point of view, solidifying its image and thus generating the confidence needed to get on board with your overall message. All content would be updated and release in a timely fashion based on the goals of the campaign,  across all platforms, providing a finely tuned media blitz.


Beyond relying solely on your web site to relay information to your target market of fans, a fine-tuned newsletter can serve as a personal extension of the web site content you already have in place. EG will be able to offer multi-platform continuity, making sure the coding will allow the layout to appear even and consistent no matter how the viewer interacts with the data. Beyond that, EG is prepared to offer distribution via their highly successful and targeted industry insider list of  used for their own marketing initiatives made up of 30.000+ fans, promoters and agencies. Should this not be needed, the content will be delivered back to the client ready to be sent out via their own channels. A hybrid of both is also an option for maximum impact.


Using materials provided by the client, those being newsletters, website content, one- sheeters and specific agreed upon goals by way of impact and desired outcome, we will skillfully and mindfully construct an impactful message for swift and immediate media exposure. Before issuing the finished content, the client will have the opportunity to review, edit and approve the final copy, as only the client has the all the information available to make those decisions. Once completed, to ensure it is seen by the proper eyes for maximum impact, EG will dig deep into their vast database of industry insiders and media trendsetters for accurate and targeted distribution.


At a loss of how to effectively and efficiently make a name for your brand, artist or event in an already over-crowded market? EG will take the time to listen to the concerns of a client and based on the desired outcome, they will present how they feel they could get this done with the tools at their disposal. One such unique tool that is key to EG’s role in the success of the client’s needs is their ability to use their already solid podcast platform as one of many ingredients to well developed promotional package. No other agency can ensure your artist will be heard by millions in the matter of one week!


This service enables labels the ability to distribute pre-release music in return for feedback. We will create a custom promotion for you label and deliver your content to the mailing list provided and/or to our list of global tastemakers.


Mastering is the final stage in the production process and ensures that your sounds as it should and that it is delivered with the best possible sound. Our sounds engineers have years of experience in the field so rest assured your carefully crafted track will sound in the dance-floor like a pro.

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