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For Antioco, this is the first release with a record label. 
Excitement, anxiety and pride are the emotions you feel when holding a freshly printed copy of your record, understanding that this could be the beginning of something beautiful.
 From his studio on the suburbs of Milan, Antioco churned out his debut ep ‘The Night Break’, two rich and emotion-filled tracks!
 ‘Night Light’ is like waking up from a beautiful dream. The joyful percussion accompanies a crescendo of explosive grooves that are drawn-out by an absorbing rhythm, towards a piano solo composed on a moonlit night.

Antioco is an Italian producer of Sardinian origins based in the suburbs of Milan, passionate about music in all its forms, from electronic to classical music.
 At a young age he became struck by the sounds and emotions that came from listening to tapes of the best DJ sets in the Italian 90s club scene. Over time, these greatly influenced him and allowed his musical background and passion for analog instrumentation to grow.
Together with an acute natural curiosity that distinguishes him, his passion pushed him to create a home recording studio filled with synths and drum machines, but never losing track of his main objective. Indeed, his first track entitled ‘Sexy Ann’ – which was entirely written and produced together with his great friend Paolo ‘Discojuice’ – was released in 2017 and included in ‘Discojuice EP’ on the label Milano Underground Records.
This first experience allowed him to gain more awareness and knowledge in the world of electronic music and resulted in his writing and producing his first release ‘The Night Break’, a two-track EP published for the Italian label Flankup Recordings and released in the spring of 2020.

Release date: May 27th, 2020.


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