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It is a well deserved celebration when Barcelona’s ROOM Records steps into the new decade with a 14-track full Various Artists Compilation here, representing the fourth – and most diverse – label release to date.

Introducing this very manner is Rocko Garoni’s ‘Realize’, showing the Berlin-based producers vibe for cracking bass drums and driving break passages, capable of switching floors into a multi dimensional rave utopia. The spot is on.

Fraz.ier follows with ‘Emotional State’ – punch oriented, club tested. A driving piece showcasing shaking, yet powerful vocal lines, dynamic synth appearances and oneongoing progression in order to keep things moving, without  loosing the focus on an extraordinary beat clock.

Blanka is ordering up next, showing the on point Spanish delight in ‘Strength’ – a 7 minute tribute to distinct kicks, leading hats and creative synthesizer programming. Lifting up any situation on a basis is a must with this track.

Coming up now is non other than label-head Angioma and his contribution ‘Excess’. Being forward thinking, electronically pushing, emotionally exiting and the right tune to select for showing a wider side of his production techniques and style, surely treating your speakers within their full spectrum.

French DJ and producer Marwan Sabb provides track number five by the name of ‘Asidi Bou Saïd’ and showcases an accurate acid-bassline, which couldn’t be better, rolling over detailed drums with eventually highlighting small voice patterns to push those analog sounds even more.

Meanwhile, UK-native Grittrip is on a groove mission with ‘Salazar’. We discover the deeper touch between slicing patterns on this one with jacking claps driving through the system, supporting a flashing bassline with versatile synthesizer chops to keep a bliss of a vibe. So let’s dig even deeper.

German funkiness is what you’re about to experience on Tim Etzel’s ‘Superfly’. More than half-way through this compilation, Tim brings up a handcrafted synthesizer collage, pushing boundaries of House and Techno like hardly experienced before. This one is for the moods.

David Silver and Francesco Mami delivering next on ‘Calm Before Dance’ with bringing up warm, organic instrumentation on this House-keeper of a production. Including some irresistible rhythms for the long and sweaty nights out – the soul is real in here.

Arthur Nozen from France on the faders for the ninth contribution called ‘Bump’. Which consists of a smart jumping bassline, covering even smarter vocals on this slammer, focusing on beautiful variety inside the drumming and mysterious spookiness in the overall tone.

We continue with Spanish talent Enzo Leep, kicking in direct percussions and elegant Atmospheres in ‘Fly’. A diverse thought, emotionally driven, yet still energizing and fresh in its production style. Perhaps perfect for all local residents, who want to push limits in their club gigs.

Four to the floor as we move to the next piece inside this compilation. And it’s a good fashioned, English manner inside ‘Chicken Scratch’ by Just Ellie when a rhythm-driven bassline pairs scattered voices. Perfectly drafted, deep evolving spheres set up the right vibe on this ideal tune.

And so it’s Albert Ess & Milou giving the last, but not least grand closing with ‘Le Lune’. Taking care of wide ranged pads, combining trippy effects, hypnotic drums and a special touch of appeal within the original vocals included, rounding off this compilation completely like none other. Room to the fullest.

Release date: March 27, 2020.


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