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Under his DNYO alias, Brazil’s Danny Oliveira returns to Juicebox Music with a 2-track EP featuring “Radiate” and “Closer Distance”. The São Paulo-based artist first made his debut with us back in mid-2019 with “Flare”, which also saw a massive remix from Peter Dundov, along with “Children”. DNYO also contributed to our first chapter of ‘Tales of Time’ with “Little Samurai”, a cinematic piece with thunderous broken beats. His versatility in creating genre-bending music through his intricate sound design, harmonic complexities, and non-linear approach are just a few reasons he’s considered as one of the most forward-thinking producers out there.

With this new EP, he’s now ventured into a slightly new mood, prepping us for the summer ahead. “Radiate” pays homage to the sound of yester-year’s deeper side of house music but dressed in futuristic attire. As the soundtrack progresses with multiple layers being introduced, it almost feels like a glimpse into how musical tastes have progressed over the years. “Closer Distance” stays with the deeper-theme and taps into a more tribal and percussive route with an ethereal synth-laden score.

Release date: June 11th, 2021.


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