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Writing the international 40 Million stream teen love anthem ‘Teenage Crime’ Adrian Lux reached a place in Harald Björk’s heart a decade ago. Growing up in the same city, same shitty bars, same heartache… 2019 Adrian invited Harald for lunch, crush at first sight. Harald remixed Adrian and Lunes (Singer of Teenage Crime) single ‘Rendezvous’… one thing led to the other and here is Adrian’s take on Harald’s ‘Sketch On A Feeling’! Circle Of Love!

Harald Björk follow up a weird and packed year of 2020 with guest shows on John Digweed’s radio show Transitions and releases on Cocoon Recordings, Traum Schallplatten, Studio Banrhus, Internasjonal and many more! The record features German legends Extrawelt, no introduction needed and Swedish Teenage Crime star Adrian Lux who we recently have gotten to re-known beyond his EDM stardom through his band Off The Meds (Studio Barnhus) and 90’s techno banger alias Luxxy.

Release date: May 21st, 2021.


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