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2nd part of our ‘Element samplers’, introducing: WATER.

We are very happy after a great remix last year to welcome back the German duo ‘Deorbiting’ who is highly supported and released by super star label, Stil Vor Talent.

They introduce the sampler with a deep and melodic track with some wonderful melancholic synths; a come back from label boss ‘Faites Leur la Danse’ in duo with Lebanese pianist and singer La Namoura. Together they created a melodic-feel house track, ‘An Ode to Sirens’, which has a big piano anthem and the wonderful voice of this new talented artist.

Although we no longer represent him, Max Tenrom had a great EP last month, ‘Rituals’, and now presents us with another monstrous track encompassing a very dark atmosphere, a hymn for a hero entering hell to kill the devil. This will soon be remixed by ‘Anatolian Sessions’.

Finally this is a come back from half French duo HIboux aka Himy Vana, with a huge techno track with his really particular style that built Classic tunes on Faites Leur Des Disques.

Release date: June 26th, 2020.


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