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Italian producer Francesco Bacci is ready to kick off his personal project Lowtopic with the ‘Maria’ EP‘, a beautifully crafted three-tracker that is planned to hit the stores in January 2021.

Born and raised in Genova, Francesco is no stranger to the music scene: in recent years he’s played and toured Italian venues and festivals as the lead guitar for the renowned band Ex-Otago. Yet, having the chance to explore a more intimate dimension of his music-persona, in 2020 he started producing electronic music, experimenting with his close friend and collaborator Emilio Pozzolini, who helped Francesco in creating a unique blend of rhythms, sounds and emotions. In a global panorama where social media, business techno and underground-stars (with cold hearts) seem to dominate the scene, Lowtopic marks a different approach that for sure will turn someone’s head around. The ‘Maria’ EP brings together melancholia, dreamy vibes and sparkling beats and it does so without any useless sophistication. Lowtopic, in fact, is a bold statement that wishes to keep everything but the music below-the-line.

Baba Ganoush’, the opener, is a brilliant intertwining of convoluted, deep chords and marching beats, enriched by fading synth patterns that build the central crescendo. Coming next, ‘Quarantined’ marks the more emotional side of the EP: the distinctive chord progression is sustained by a slowed down beat that carries on all along the track with trembling basslines and distant pads. ‘Bai’, the closing track, playing with the same atmospheres of the previous track, brings a touch of joy to the EP, thanks to a cinematic arrangement that has its secret in the far-away vocals that surround the main patterns.

Lowtopic’s ‘Maria’ EP is no game-changer. It is just the genuine expression of an artist who wishes to put music and emotions first. Its warmth and carefully dosed simplicity make Francesco Bacci’s debut particularly interesting both for music passionates and critics. As Lowtopic’s LP is scheduled for summer 2021, this EP is the perfect appetizer for what’s coming next.

«Maria is my newborn daughter’s name, as well as the name of my first EP. The music I composed will tell her a tale about these years: I sought faraway worlds inside my little bedroom. Worlds where one can find many wonders hidden in simple details. Lowtopic is a story that feels nostalgic for something that, curiously, is yet to be» — Lowtopic

Release Date: January 15th, 2021.


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