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Liverpool´s emerging talent, Massano, presents his debut EP on Oddity, with an emotional remix by Raphael Mader, who is no stranger to the label.

“Energy” the track that opens the EP, has a catchy melody and an energetic groove as the title describes it, complemented by pads that slowly reveal themselves until they reach the drop. Here is where the action happens, with a very emotional piano, and accompanying strings, that create a melancholic atmosphere, which triggers an arpeggio-like synthesizer, creating a beautiful synergy Raphael Mader approaches the remix duties, creating a deeper, trippy and melancholic version of the original, developing the perfect soundtrack for any sunset or sunrise. You can definitely listen to the maturity and evolution of his production and skills on his rework.

Delving deeper into the EP, we have the following two dancefloor-oriented tracks. “In Your Eyes” shows a deeper and more dramatic, yet catchy side of Massano’s work. ¨Tangible” goes more towards the techno side of the EP, including his signature melodic and synth elements, which you can recognize in his productions.

Massano shows us some breaks in “Wrong With Me” giving the perfect closure to the EP. Beautiful pads, chord progressions and synths run throughout the track creating a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy.

Release date: 
September 17th, 2021.


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