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Matrefakt are a trio from Liverpool who run their own Attitudes to Life label and have made a quick impact with their fascinating first few releases. This third one is another classic featuring some special guest spots from the cult electronic showman San Proper.

Dr Gibbons is first and is a deep, languid groove with funky guitar riffs laid over the top. It builds a nice warm mood and is perfect for early evening or afternoon sets. Cream featuring San Proper is another playful funk cut with big guitar licks and spoken word musings from the Dutchman. The drums sound live and the whole thing builds to a frantic peak with darting synths adding fuel. San Proper also appears on ‘Mad Hatter’ with some fiery vocal sounds and mad lyrics while the catering drums race along and make for an organic and warm techno groove. ‘Step On Up’ then gets more into club mode with skewed synths and hammering hits all building to a techno peak that is restless and ever evolving and finally ‘Liverpool Strut’ is another live sounding jam of bass guitars, bendy synths and wonky keys that is improvised and uplifting, infectious and charming in equal measure.

Matrefakt once again here show there is no limit to their skill in the studio and diversity of their sound.

Release date: September 20th, 2019.


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