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Maximo is a rising tech and deep house producer based out of San Diego, California. He had gained rapid growth during the quarantine period and had played alongside artists such as John Summit, Golf Clap, Dillon Nathaniel, Sasha Robotti and many more. He has been added to some of the largest Spotify tech house playlists and is gaining recognition over the Beatport charts. Now, he is ready to present his new EP through Candy Flip, a Colombian label that has become a key element in Latin-American House scene. He is joined by Hagen on this new project, aptly titled ‘Your System’. Maximo and Hagen connected overplaying a few clubs in the San Diego area. The EP features a hip-hop artist named Ben Yen. The trio was able to produce a two-part EP that bridges the gap blending the sounds of Tech house and nineties hip-hop.

When Maximo was sixteen, his friend downloaded a copy of Ableton Live and he was able to use that music software. He saw all the tracks on that screen and understood how you make dance music. Later on, he released his first three-song EP titled, ‘Dirty Blonde’ on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. The EP gained lots of traction and he started spinning shows all over San Diego, releasing music and building a following. Now, continuing with his career, Maximo releases his latest EP signed with Candy Flip Records titled ‘Your System’.

Packed with a powerful sound of heavy percussion and sub bass, Candy Flip knew it was perfect for their listeners. The track starts with the hats and kick drum while Ben Yen’s deep voice slowly creeps with the infectious bassline. This record is perfect for a daytime pool party or a late-night club gathering. With the huge build-up sections and deep drops this tune will be an anthem for the 2021 summer season, undoubtedly. The record features two tracks that were inspired by a heavy industrial Detroit-style sound from the nineties. “I made a groovy bassline with a fat kick drum and lots of fun hi-hats in the mix”, says Maximo. The heavy bass at the core of ‘Your System’ gives the record an elastic aesthetic among minimalistic digital arrangements. This new EP by Maximo, Hagen and Ben Yen will reboot your system. Pun intended.

Release date: June 11th, 2021.


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