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After appearing for the first time on Odd Echoes 4, Moonwalk the Milan-based DJs and producers present us their debut EP on the label, a three original melodic and energetic cuts, with a fantastic and powerful remix by the Italian duo Undercatt.

The Neapolitan duo, Dario and Mauro, start the EP with the lead track ¨Solaris¨ a rolling and grooving cut, with a haunting and catchy melody that stays in your mind right away.

On the remix duties we have another Italian duo, Undercatt. They approach the rework with their characteristic elements and sound design, turning the version into a deeper and melodic cut.

To continue with the EP, we have ¨Enigma¨, which aims more to dance floor peak time, with elements of Indie Disco influenced percussions. On the same vibe to close the pack we have ¨Delta¨, where you can also recognize the duo’s signature sound.

Moonwalk – Solaris (Original Mix)
Moonwalk – Solaris (Undercatt Remix)
Moonwalk – Enigma (Original Mix)
Moonwalk – Delta (Original Mix)

Release date: February 19th, 2021.


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