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Blessed Crossed welcomes the talented Ninshū on the family, with his album debut “Eri Madlieri”. Ninshū is a live instrumentalist, singer, DJ and producer hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia. Being a member of Traum Schallplatten label and Critical Bookings agency roster, he performed at many reputable venues and festivals in Georgia, Estonia and Armenia.

Ninshūs musical development started from childhood, when he was taking piano, guitar and vocal lessons, few years later he was a member of a small indie rock band “The Fact”.

After years of practice on creating his unique sound he came up with combining Live Performance & hybrid DJ sets using a multi instrumental setup and adding improvised Georgian ethnic vocals. That sound is completely unattached from todays ‘Fashion’ styles and typecast sub genres of electronic music. He comes on Blessed Record bringing an intense and organic album, breathtaking atmospheres, all in a real music journey into deep, ambient, classic and contemporary style. We call it music!

Release date: September 17th, 2021.


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