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Oyibo continues his progressive journey on our label with two new hot Afro influenced powerful progressive house tracks.

Pounding Yam starts off with a kick/clap with fast but mellow and reduced HH’s to set the speed of the track. A deep and mesmerizing main synth melody is introduced embedded in various subtle other layers of synth pads. Percussive elements punctuate the track until a fast and moving bassline kicks off the groove. Moving on in multiple progressions Pounding Yam offers a fascinating and powerful soundscape with African vowls, synth melodies, atmowpheric pads and a driving beat and percussion. A must have for your festival crowd or to play at the peak of your progressive tribal set.

Wazobia kicks off with soft rapid shakers, a strong kick and a catchy drum Fx resulting in an interaction with a much deeper Sound Fx constituting a drum melody lay the ground for this formidable voyage. Fast progressive synths are kicking in, taking the track to a beautiful afro progressive journey. Various progressions let the audience float on top of those very well played tribal beats.

Welcome to Wazobia! Enjoy the journey. A must Have for your Progressive Tribal House set!!! Oyibo leads the way!

Enjoy the Music! Love and Peace!

Release date: November 18th, 2019.


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