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A new compilation of exclusive tracks is coming! ACCENTVA006 is this year’s second instalment in the Various Artists series. Following last march’ ACCENTVA005, it forms an inventory of all different axes we aim to develop: ambient, experimental and techno – seeking outside the limits of the overly codified field of deep techno and rather promote hybrid music.

In this way, this opus proudly features tracks from Abu Ama, Bear Bones Lay Low, Anushka Chkheidze, Faintface, Inerit and other free-minded producers…

Another objective of these compilations is to highlight confidential talents who have not reached the audience they deserve yet, like Teriak, Saïph or The Solid System.

This series also makes it possible to continuously support the artists who always helped define our imprint, (Hydrangea, Zesknel, PRG / M) Their aesthetics lies at the core of the project and we are glad to follow them through their musical path.

Finally, we sometimes get spoiled with the participation of a well-known figure of the scene. This time, we are lucky to welcome Construct Re-Form labelhead Zadig (aka Kern Space Adventure), worldly acclaimed DJ and skilled producer whose music was released on legendary labels like Tresor and Deeply Rooted.

01. Anushka Chkheidze – peaceful, serene ambient overture to take off and land on quiet shores
02 – Bear Bones Lay Low – heavily flanging, genre escaping, introspective experiment based on outernational folk material
03. Inerit – spiritual, dreamy dub ballad, invitation to a mystic walk around a misty lake
04. lunar convoy – classy, meticulous trip hop progression, over an acid leaning bass motif
05. Hydrangea – methodical profusion of soothing loops, rolling grooves and floating pads
06. Zadig – sharp, ascending, generously ecstatic celebration from a timeless heavyweight producer
07. Saïph – crisp, nervous, techstepper with crushed arachnoid rhythms and shimmering tones
08. Abu Ama – raw, repetitive, mechanical blend of analog signals and distorted transmissions
09. Kletis – slow paced, evolving, jungle infused, sonic warfare on a windy battlefield
10. Teriak – swinging, hypnotic journey through melodic chains sweeping over a vicious compact bassline
11. Zesknel – massive, elegant grimey banger with tempo shifts and shivering synths
12. Charlotte Isabelle – tense, obstinate, galvanizing instrumental crescendo workout
13. PRG/M – effective, slightly aquatic deep techno weapon with melodic coils and soul tickling bleeps
14. CØRE – incisive, relentless, granular dark techno
15. 矯激 – eerie, haunting stomper with otherworldly resonances and dreamlike voices
16. Notzing – direct, full-on textured and functional boomy techno cut
17. Nothing Is Real – strongly saturated, cinematic, post rock leaning theme with dramatic detuned electric strings
18. FaintFace – celestial ambient epilogue

Release date: October 15th, 2021.


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