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The first release on ebb + flow records features three original mixes by our very own Sam Jaspersohn. This EP is a snapshot of Sam’s headspace when he and his wife made the leap to LA from NY after 12 years – they were strangers in a new city, where everything was unfamiliar and, at the same time, possible. All three tracks demonstrate the elegance of Sam’s ear and his innate ability to evoke deep emotion within.
The first track, Tropica, is driving and heady – set with the determination of embracing the new and channeling it into productivity. The second track, Lullaby For K, is a hypnotic and brooding piece that Sam wrote for his wife – a nostalgic and romantic homage to their first moments settling into life in LA. The third track, Darklights, has a mesmerizing and soothing sensibility – at once, allaying apprehension and uncertainty. Let the Indigo EP transport you to a brand new place.

Release date:
November 25th, 2019.@ebbandflowmusic

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