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We proudly welcome back German maestro Sascha Braemer to Sincopat, this time for his first solo EP on the label after providing a huge remix for AFFKT some months ago. The forward-thinking ‘Vyolence’ EP includes three original tracks and one remix by the proven talents Florian Kruse and Julian Wasserman.

‘Vyolence’ opens the fireworks with an unpredictable slice of electronic music. A mixture of several influences, huge synth layers are treated into a solid base making a crossover timeless piece that perfectly reflects the legendary Braemer’s sound. For the remix duties, Florian and Julian offer a groovy re-interpretation also difficult to pigeonhole in a certain style, with a great new bass but still keeping the essence of the original one.

On ‘Analog Garden’ Sascha presents another bomb with a remarkable synth as a hook along the track, more and more pure sounds are developed in the surprising breakdown that leads to madness. ‘Capella’ is closing the EP with an avant- garde atmosphere that, for sure, will make the release a new step forward in the Braemer sound and discography.

Release date: October 9th, 2020.


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