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Hope Recordings has long been at the forefront of underground goodness, and although their output is not as prolific as previous years (quality over quantity), when a new Hope lands, DJ’s do still take note, and rightly so.

Scippo is a DJ and Producer born in Rio Gallegos, Argentina. His sound is unmistakably Argentinian, melodic, deep, driving and oozing of coolness, and this shows with with his previous work gracing Sudbeat, Balance and The Soundgarden.

‘Wave’ is a punchy and melodic feel good gem, a peak time moment, fusing energy with emotion, as layers of sound effortlessly gel, creating a musical soundscape that constantly evolves while aimed firmly on the dance floor.

‘Chase You’ compliments the release wonderfully, as we deeper, yet retain the emotional aspect, as we are treated to a tripped out melodious workout, with the bassline tugging at the hearty strings, all wrapped up in a blanket of sophistication.

Release date: October 15th, 2021.


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