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Summer starts off for Anathema Records, welcoming the Swiss DJ and producer Several Definitions back to the label with 3 original beauties and a mind-blown remix catalog with two label debuts from German producers Dahu and Pauke Schaumburg (Ken Lohmann & Nils Noben) and the likes of label boss Fec. Get ready for a journey full of intense productions, fast-paced madness, warm atmospheres, captivating melodies, and catchy beats, you are now entering the ‘Void’.

‘Void’ is curated by a powerful and spell-binding synth shrouded with majestic keys all twanged by subtle basslines and percussions, turned into a real trip with melancholic sonatas that sink you into a fantasy-dream-state.

Pauke Schaumburg’s ‘Void’ remix begins with a faster-paced bassline layered with stylish piano key notes evolving into a deeper and darker atmosphere, further escorted by cosmic synths and background trumpets all-paced by pads percussions, providing a sensation of an endless masterpiece music journey.

‘An Other Way’ is a deep house beauty fashioned by a steady bassline enfolded by hypnotic synth sounds that overlap with sophisticated piano harmonies and dusky melodies.

Dahu crafted yet another haunting hymn with a fast-paced version of ‘An Other Way’, flavored with his signature pounding tribal roots, eerie sounds and nifty synths evolutions, giving an atmospheric game-changer vibe to the track.

‘Organic Line’ pulsing analog sounds intertwine with percussive drums, smartly layered with dreamy eerie soundscapes and enchanting floating-up-melodies that are soft and shiver-inducing by the synth progression integration.

Fec’s signature atmospheric, organic and melodic textures integrate the remix version of ‘Organic Line’, giving a progressive danceable twist to the track with catchy beats, refined melodies, and eerie soundscapes.

Artwork – Stella Gelesh
Mastering – AO Mastering

Release date: August 16th, 2019.


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