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Forever pushing musical boundaries whilst producing a distinctive and evolving sound, SHADED brings his Southern California roots to Hot Creations this May with Mad Stacks. No stranger to the label following his ‘High. Alive. And Dirty’. EP, Demuir is onboard to deliver a solid remix.

SHADED describes how Mad Stacks is the latest iteration of his sound. “It appeals to the Tech-House side of the spectrum, as well as the Techno side. I have always felt my music was able to dance along that fine line. Mad Stacks is rooted in my deep love of hip hop music and that West Coast California “G-funk” vibe. Simplistic, pumping, and oozing with attitude”. He also explains how he experiments with his own vocals. “People never believe they are mine. I have so much fun writing little vocal hooks, bits that stick in peoples’ heads. ‘Mad Stacks’ just sounded dope”.

Release date: May 22nd, 2020.


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