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Shinedoe returns to her own label MTM for her third release Ahimsa. Following up from the release of the acclaimed “Feelings” EP on Rekids in February, Chinedum Nwosu here explores new textures and directions in her sound. The title track ‘Ahimsa’ (a Sanskrit word for the virtue of ‘doing no harm’) has a light, transparent feel, yet maintains a strong, driving force. It exudes a subtlety and gracefulness that is sometimes lacking in the world, as pads and keys intertwine and evolve over the rhythm. It’s a musical metaphor for Shinedoe’s approach to finding peaceful ways to solve problems.

The 2nd track, ‘System’, comes from a different angle – revealing an edgy atmosphere through a deep, off-beat cut touching on early electro. It has a dystopian sci-fi feel, in keeping with its title. Rounding off the EP is ‘Cortisol’, perhaps the most directly dancefloor related track here. It’s hyperactive groove goes straight for the jugular, overlaying tension-building rolls and breaks that hit hard.

All-in-all, Shinedoe has produced another bold and creative EP, fusing hard hitting grooves with that all-important element of hi-tech soul. It’s the perfect fit for her MTM label.

MTM (Music That Moves)

Founded in 2018, MTM is the latest venture by Amsterdam-based techno maven Shinedoe. Having been jointly responsible for the long running and hugely influential Intacto label, Chinedum Nwosu’s new imprint is a vehicle for her own special musical vision. Focussing entirely on Shinedoe productions, MTM (Music That Moves) is the home for precision techno with soul – literally music that will move you in every sense.

Release date: August 28th, 2020.


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