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Sky Society is pioneering a new wave by reimagining the way dance music is experienced with his latest EP ‘Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2′. Releasing the EP through their own imprint Higher Frequency Recordings, Juany Santos aka Sky Society takes the scenic route of production when creating each track on Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2.

Heart Beats: The Love Loops is an EP series we created which truly embodies the creative process as well as the inspiration we channel for producing the music. All the ideas start out as a loop that builds into soundscapes which evolve over the duration of the song. By the time the piece is complete, we’ve probably listened to that track hundreds of times, maybe even a thousand. We view the process very similar to a mantra one would repeat to align with a frequency & offer a prayer from their heart.” Sky Society

“Quite Simple” brings ‘Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2′ a boost of energy with a sample from Ashanti’s “Rock Wit U (Aww Baby),” giving the soulful vocals new life in a timeless dancefloor classic.

Sky Society gave listeners a peek of what to expect from Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2 in the form of the first single off the EP, “Holy Time”. The debut single, featuring the hauntingly sensual vocals of Monstercat singer Ehiorobo, was heralded by Earmilk, “Sky Society’s intention is felt both in the delivery and fine crafting of the song’s production.” The inspiration for “Holy Time” was conceived by honoring the union of the Divine Masucline & Feminine Energies coming together as one, opening the portal to creativity and guiding the vessel through its daily rituals.

Sky Society has performed at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival and opened for heavy-hitters including Sugar Hill Gang, RJD2, Star Slinger, Escort, Sweater Beats, Flamingosis, Nosaj Thing and more. From 2016 to 2020, Santos owned and operated his own record shop and small music venue called Moira Lazarus in Lancaster, PA. After four years Santos outgrew the space and has since focused on launching his own label Higher Frequency Recordings as a platform for himself and others to press quality music on vinyl, passing the torch and preserving the culture.

Release date: July 23rd, 2021.


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