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Every song has a story. It is often the soundtrack to cheerful memories, sometimes to more challenging times, and hope. ‘Miedo Global’, or ‘global fear’, has been our soundtrack in these challenging times.

French multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Stephane Salerno delivers two interpretations of ‘Miedo Global’, a Club Mix and a Radio Edit. The former combines a set of beautifully written and arranged latin acapella, keys and strings, a groovy bassline and festive drums – with an atypical swing.

The latter is a modern take on rock alternative latino, with an electro touch. It is festive and euphoric, and instantly puts a smile on the face.

SORÄ‘s take on ‘Miedo Global’ is darker, and more solemn. It is simple and elegant. Every element seems to be at the right place. The drums give just the right amount of energy, without distracting from the track’s melancholic direction, particularly underlined by the pads and the stripped back vocals.

The EP concludes with L and A, an energetic and progressive track, which provides a glimpse at Salerno’s versatility.
Crossings is a London based boutique electronic music label and a platform for artists and local heroes from around the globe and their respective communities to interact and grow.

Release date: June 30th, 2020.


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