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Systm B returns yet again with a bulk of classy well cut electronic music.
 A true crossing of styles here where he fuses house tempos with glorious musical textures directly from the machines.
 B-OME (USER EXPERIENCE MIX 2) rolls and rolls then drops in high end rhythms one after another that shuffle the songs along with excitement. LIFE IN BLUE (LOOP 4 LIFE MIX) really takes things left of center with soul sample cuts over a chunky old school beat, perfect party music. LONG TAIL 2 follows its predecessor in much the same way, the other half of the story if you will, slick dubby textures grind along with no bounds. Tough as nuts! 
Neither house nor techno, this collection really sits right in the middle of both genres with added drops of soul that glue the whole EP together. As you may have read from his previous release ‘Random Mode Playlist #1’, his influences are strong, nodding his head firmly at the root of all techno ‘Detroit’ and of course the iconic sound of Maurizio and the Basic Channel output.

Release date: October 25th, 2019.


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