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UMEK’s label 1605 kickstarts the new year with an EP from German duo Teenage Mutants who have previously released their techno tracks on the likes of Tronic, Terminal M, Senso Sounds and Noir Music.

Since it’s relaunch, 1605 has been focused exclusively towards UMEK’s own tracks, but this release is a statement of intent showing what’s planned for 2020, as the label is also a platform that supports the artists played in the DJ sets of the label owner.

Teenage Mutants travel the world playing gigs across Europe, Asia, USA and South America. Also making other genres such as melodic house, Teenage Mutants have recently been taking their tracks down a darker more hard-hitting style, with a focus on the peak time style of techno showcased on this release.

Alongside the two originals there is also a remix from Heerhorst, who is an up and coming German talent already making waves with his notable tracks and remixes on Octopus, Riot Recordings, Set About and Stil Vor Talent.

‘Return’ opens the release with pounding percussion and a pulsating bassline giving the track a driving groove perfect for the dance floor. Dramatic bass stabs add to its intensity while the uplifting lead synths provide a subtle euphoria.

For the second track, Heerhorst reworks ‘Return’ by adding bursts of acid, and a bassline which tears out the speakers. Keeping the euphoric elements, but adding extra atmosphere to give the tracks a darker more menacing sound, this version is great for those who prefer things a little more sinister.

Closing the EP is ‘Raven’ which has a slow building tension with a rigid framework of hard-hitting percussion. A muffled sound draws focus on the bass frequencies in this spacious cut of shadowy techno that has a murky style full of sadistic energy that flows like a sonic tidal wave of unstoppable momentum.

Release date: January 10, 2010.


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