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Next up on Ransom Note Records sub-label Insult To Injury, head honcho Timothy Clerkin returns to the fray, armed with some serious rave weapons. Riding into battle with him is New Yorker and Berlin resident, False Witness. Together they’re a formidable force, creating an EP that is part full-frontal assault, part serenely cosmic transcendence.

The first wave appears over the brow of the hill in the form of titular track, ‘Hatred’. There is simply no messing about as it brings down the metaphorical hammer in ruthless style; pounding anything that stands in its way into the dirt, before the thrashing kick drum assault gives way to some lush, celestial synth work.

‘Wilderness’ provides a refrain from the onslaught, as we’re transported to a forest clearing, where field nurses tend to the wounded and one can lose themselves in a morphine- induced euphoria of breakbeats, jungle sounds and good old, medicinal, acid-house.

Reinforcements swiftly arrive in the shape of techno auteur, ‘False Witness’. We’ve been big fans of his productions for some time here at ITI Towers, and we were blown away by his remix of Hatred: the audio equivalent of sacking a village, this certified acid-techno banger will chew-up and spit-out any dance-floor it comes into contact with.

With the bloodshed over,’Little Island Syndrome’ brings the record to a close. The drums of war have ceased to bang and this ambient excursion into the disquiet provides a moment for some inward reflection and atonement.

Release date: November 20th, 2020.


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