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All good things come in pairs, which is why TRECEVEINTE and Sanoi linked in symmetry for their latest release. Forming two halves of a whole Split EP; they both contribute two original tracks to balance and blend their muses. Mina Shankha joins TRECEVEINTE with captivating vocals on “Kamanche” to add her own melodic edge. This amazing package offers a delightful blend of inspiration, effortlessly leading you into our Sirin universe to dance in rapture.

1. TRECEVEINTE – Kamanche Feat. Mina Shankha (Original Mix)
2. TRECEVEINTE – Espiritus (Original Mix)
3. Sanoi – Aroha (Original Mix)
4. Sanoi – Honu (Original Mix)

Release date: January 29th, 2021.


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