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Dutch prodigy Yoram is back on Crossings with a new EP after a three years hiatus.

The title track, ‘Blue Pulses’, is a masterpiece. It effortlessly blends a complex variety of synthesizers, pads and drums, resulting in a perfectly balanced mixture, which gives instant goosebumps.

‘Limerence’ is a melancholic beauty. Its leading melody gently evolves and progressively entangles with the soothing pads – with the light combination of drums balancing the ensemble. The result is mesmerizing.

The EP concludes with a collaboration between Yoram and Mary Go Wild Amsterdam’s &Less. ‘Vandaag’ is the most energetic track of the EP, with a dynamic melody, groovy bassline and loopy pads which move delicately between its foreground and background.

Release date: October 1st, 2019.


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