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Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon, And The Black Madonna Are The New ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Club Residents

Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna are the new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Club Residents

The game’s online edition comes with a special surprise for the electronic music enthusiasts.

The mystery about the collaboration of these Djs and Grand Theft Auto’s development company, Rockstar, has been revealed.

A new video of the Djs at the game’s virtual world was published with Metro Area’s ‘Miura’ as the soundtrack. The company confirmed their appearance with the following statement: “The night scene of Los Santos is having a mayor upload. Thanks to the efforts of a well-known businessman, the underground club scene will explode in July.” The company confirmed this while talking about the fictional city which is supposed to be Los Angeles in the game.

“World-class talents announced their residencies at Los Santos and the fans will be going to every club of the city to lose themselves into the holy sweat while listening to the sets of Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna till the morning light”.

The update will be available next July, allowing the players to enter the commercial-partners area to open new branches. The settings, design, personal info, and club promotions will be customizable.

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