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Study reports half of women in music have suffered discrimination

Despite higher qualifications, women earn 10% less than men and are underrepresented as DJs, producers, and sound engineers.

Photo Credit: Musicians’ Census – Website

A recent study emphasizes the discrimination women encounter in the music industry, with half of the female participants indicating bias.

The survey, conducted by the UK Musicians’ Census and Women in CTRL, included 6000 musicians, 2526 of whom were women. A staggering 51% of these women reported gender-based discrimination and a third experienced sexual harassment at work.

Despite having higher academic qualifications, women earned 10% less than their male peers. They were also under-represented in roles like DJs, producers, and sound engineers.

The report further highlighted gender disparity across various music genres. For example, women made up only 8% of the UK rap scene and 18% in dance music.

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